A friend of mine died…

The matincence guy of my old school who i was close to, just died. He was 60 which is relativley young… it makes me want to make sure i live my life to the fullest!


R.I.P. Keith Burch


A few bands I like

As a first post goes this is kinda stupid, but I felt like sharing this because music is a large part of my life, and its on my mind.

If we have similar tastes then thats probably a good thing. If not, don’t be judgin.

Some of my preffered bands in no particular order:

The Used

Get Scared


Falling in Reverse


David Bowie

Black Veil Brides

Fort Minor


The Offspring

My Chemical Romance


Papa Roach

Sex Pistols

Green Day

Sum 41

The Tubes (Also probably my favorite live show)


Escape the Fate


I made a blag, wheeeee

On this blog, if anyone ever actually views it, im just going to post whatever comes up in my twisted little teenage mind. If you dont like it, leave. If you do, comment or whatever the ten people who still blog do.Image